Somatic Coaching: Watch Your Career Blossom

Access to somatic coaching practices have increased in recent years, and with good reason: if you don’t feel well, you are more likely to under-perform in all facets of daily life, including your career. On your own, you might implement some nap-inducing self-care, e.g., long baths, cozy reading sessions, or new yoga poses. However, you may encounter a void between that newfound solace and your amped up work days. Enlisting the expertise of a somatic coach will do more than amplify your ‘self-care Sunday’ routine; you will be equipped with the best ways to capitalize on your physical and emotional presence while on the job.

We Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word

Do you tend to shrink or take up less space in the presence of others? Are others giving you the vibe that you are intimidating and you can’t figure out why? Or maybe you happen to notice others mimicking your posture during brainstorming sessions!

Body language and mirroring are skills that are essential to master when interacting in the workplace. You can read how another interprets your discussion points by reading facial expressions (or lack thereof) during a conversation or presentation. Have you tuned into yourself to find out what your body language is saying to you? If not, you might be missing the messages about yourself that you send to others. A major factor to consider when conducting these self-inventories is how you speak to yourself, or your inner monologue. There is power in the tongue, yes. There is also power in the mind, thoughts become actions. If you are grappling with imposter syndrome or need support navigating high-stress situations more effectively, consider reviewing your posture when sitting or standing and investigate what your body language may be conveying. If it feels like you have it under control, you will believe it is so! In turn, others will invest in you due to your nonverbal cues and may be inclined to perceive you as the leader you truly are.

Put Your Body Language to the Test in Just Two Minutes

A popular social psychologist and author, Amy Cuddy, highlights how nonverbal cues impact your self-perception in a TED Talk titled “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are”. Cuddy challenges viewers to practice power poses for two minutes before interviews, meetings, etc. In those two minutes you can activate a rush of testosterone and slow up cortisol production, giving yourself a boost of confidence and ease before it’s your time to shine.

If all it takes is two minutes in a private corner before your next appointment to enhance your likability, relatability, and authenticity, imagine how much more potential resides within you! Somatic coaching gives you the tools to make those aspirations come to life by working with an expert and targeting your needs.

What’s in a Leader?

Being level-headed in a time of crisis is a highly valued quality in a leader. It is also a quality that takes practice to access and maintain. Utilizing somatic coaching can unlock the embodied leadership skills you didn’t even know you possessed and can improve how others perceive you within your department and beyond: your rapport with both supervisors and colleagues will improve, opening up more doors of opportunity and advancement. If small talk has been awkward for you, somatic coaching can assist with active listening exercises. Applied with familiar faces or new collaborators, your verbal and nonverbal communication skills will flourish. As a leader empowered by her somatic coaching, you will easily communicate with various types of people in formal and relaxed settings. Somatic coaching applied in the workplace can elevate your performance and improve your visibility within your organization by increasing your self-awareness in your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. You will be equipped to handle whatever challenges arise on the job and beyond the confines of the office.

Ready, Set, BLOOM!

Your path to feel-good intel and abundance-building habits begins here at HR Quirk. If you’re a beginner or already familiar with somatic coaching techniques, contact us today to take it to the next level!