What's your story?

I climb. I climb trees. I climb trees well.

As a child I was a tomboy, an outspoken lanky kid with buck teeth, long pigtails, and an adventurous spirit. I was just like every other girl growing up, but I wasn’t. I had what many adults in my sphere would admonish against as boyish behaviors and mannerisms. I liked my brother and I liked my boy friends, so what was so bad or wrong about boys I wondered.

As I grew up I learned the expectations of me formed a thrum of syrupy sweet singsong tones of sugar and spice and all things nice. But, what if I could be me, as I am, still nice, while climbing trees, holding leadership positions, playing stickball, dominating the court as my team’s center and still be fully girl and now fully woman.

This “what if” has shaped my life, my work and now my life’s work. It is the impetus for my coaching, training and organizational development practice which focuses on women’s empowerment in their careers and lives.

The answer to the “what if” is a resounding yes! An audible joyous scream that has been birthed as a result of years seeking fulfillment and purpose, accepting and integrating the different parts of self, and arriving at a process that continually seeks and finds balance — ah, the impossible dream made possible!

I embrace my self-confidence, intellectual curiosity and commanding presence, as I likewise embrace my intuition, compassion and empathy. I recognize myself to be a whole person, having synergized the different parts of myself. In doing so, and guiding others in this fundamental balancing process, I have made my life and work not just fulfilling but deeply purposeful and joyful.

My purpose is to be of service to those who wish to learn, grow, take action, and seek balance and wholeness, with a focus on the topics that most affect women in their careers: confidence; power dynamics; communication and leadership styles; the double bind dilemma; and permission seeking in the areas of competitiveness, decisiveness, and assertiveness.

I continue to climb and hope you do too! I’d love to climb with you. Let’s climb together, let’s climb higher.

Climb higher!

Big journeys begin with small steps.