What changes do you need to make?

As a leader, coach, and consultant, my values center on empowering others with a focus on aiding women in achieving amazing results that often exceed their projections and imaginations. I act as an aide, supporter, nurturer, coach and guide with the right knowledge to help women who have not only have the willingness to evolve, but the fervent need and desire to live their purpose out loud, at work.

Mindfulness, embodied leadership and somatic coaching are the foundations of my practice. We enter a non-judgmental, self-accepting space where we are present, attentive and engaged. We align purpose with masterful action steps, achieved with the use of a unique approach that combines holistic practices, positive psychology, neuroscience, transformational conversations, and movement and action. It is a sustainable model that promotes autonomy, purpose and self-mastery by involving the whole you — the real you, at core, at depth, resulting in your unfoldment.

I have worked in and lived through toxic work environments that can rob even the most talented, high performing and cognitively adept of positive values. This can result in diminished empathy, halted productivity and ultimately affect women’s health and wealth. My aim in coaching and training women is to remove any self-doubt by building your confidence, focusing on your purpose, and completing action plans that help you to achieve your desired results in a timely manner.

We are happiest at work when we are productive in the ways in which we prefer, with autonomy, and can build and exhibit mastery and achieve our and the organizational purpose. The tools I use to support women in their quest for fulfilling work address all of these factors. I am keenly focused on building your personal mastery for you to live your purpose at work. I provide a holistic approach that engages, develops and integrates the whole person physically via somatic coaching and embodied leadership training, emotionally through emotional and social intelligence coaching, mentally via decision science tools and insights, and spiritually through the development of mindfulness practices.

Self-awareness and alignment of values and purpose with organizations and roles

Outmaneuvering common negotiation traps that women leaders face and often fall into

Development of emotional and social intelligence to optimally lead

Identifying successful work/life balance methods and practices

Giving and receiving feedback effectively using a coaching centered enterprise model

Your unfoldment; an enriched, deeper understanding and connection with yourself and others

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