R. Tamsin Jones

Certified Professional Career Coach


Are you living your purpose?

R. Tamsin Jones is the Founder of HR QuirkTM and is a Certified Professional Coach whose passion is to help clients achieve leadership success and fulfill their career dreams. She combines her many years of experience working in senior operations leadership in retail, with over fifteen years in global human resources in corporate and non-profit environments. She possess a solid bottom line approach to coaching and starts her work with her clients’ end-goal in mind. Her own career has been one of change, transition and transformation, having been swiftly promoted throughout her retail and HR careers, weathered mergers and acquisitions, and survived the ebbs and flows that come with nuanced organizational strategies as new leadership took the helm.

She has worked as a Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Operations Officer, with her work centering on instructional design and facilitation, employee engagement, career services, operations, organizational design, development and effectiveness. Tamsin also works as an executive coach and diversity, equity, inclusion and justice coach and consultant. She has a wealth of experience directing HR and operating functions within large, global organizations and small, start-up businesses in a variety of industries. This uniquely positions her as an expert consultant and coach to her clients who need an insider’s perspective on how best to create a road map of milestones that lead to the career success that is sought.

Tamsin is a student of the Enneagram, embodied leadership, somatic coaching, and women’s leadership; her coaching expertise informed by her learnings from the Enneagram Institute, Stozzi Institute, Mindfulness Coaching School and Cornell University, respectively. She attended New York University where she earned a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development, with a concentration in Organizational Effectiveness. She also possess a Master of the Arts in Human Services Administration from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. She is a Brooklyn, NY native, an avid reader, coffee-lover, wordsmith, and cruciverbalist having coined the term Human as ResourceTM. To that end, Tamsin’s approach to her work always aims toward finding and using resources in ways that increase the bottom-line for her clients while promoting the human elements of self-awareness, empathy and values.

Her work with her clients centers on their unfoldment and uses a variety of insight and assessment tools; she is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Certified Practitioner, Certified Everything Disc® Trainer/Authorized Partner and Strong Interest Inventory® Certified Practitioner. Her work with teams, groups and organizations will benefit from these psychometric assessments, as well as her knowledge and certification as a Performance Management Innovation Professional and Coaching Centered Enterprise Professional; certified by the Human Capital Institute, and her accreditation as a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team trainer; certified by Disc®.

Proudly defining herself as a quirk, her branding story is one that sheds light on her authentic, strategic, idiosyncratic and ultimately catalytic journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur catering to women leaders, women in career entry and transition, and women who desire the unique methods, support and guidance that HR QuirkTM offers.