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All coaching sessions are created with the individual client in mind, here are some packages that may be selected. We can also build packages or groups of sessions that are targeted for your current challenges and needs. Organizations may expand upon these topics for customized training facilitation and workshops and/or executive coaching.

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Introductory Package

12 hours of self-discovery, 1 hour sessions over 12 weeks targeted at your unfoldment, with the aim of discovering your core challenge or need, with an action plan for forward movement.

Speaking Mindfully

Six 1 hour sessions dedicated to your voice. By being present, prepared, focused, and relaxed you can communicate messages powerfully and effectively, allowing you to connect with your audience in your own unique, authentic, and personal style.

Identifying & Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Six 1 hour sessions that focus on identifying and reprogramming the core psychological beliefs about yourself that are negatively impacting your career and/or leadership success.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

We’ll assess your EQ leadership skills, and then create an individualized action plan to boost your EQ. Coaching sessions are focused on guiding you in the implementation of the core skills of EI, exploration of the second-level skills needed to inspire others, and incorporation of  techniques to develop both.

Cultivating Mindfulness: The Foundation of Effective Leadership

We’ll explore the tools for managing stress, improving work-like balance, and increasing personal and office engagement and satisfaction. Coaching sessions will aim at increasing awareness of mindfulness traps that reduce organizational performance and productivity.

Building Powerful Teams

Ideal for growth environments that require innovation, adaptation and mutual goal achievement. The focus of this 2-day in person or virtual workshop is on collaboration, managing conflict, and handling difficult team situations.

How to Manifest Anything!

Three 2 hour intensive coaching session, over a three month time-frame to allow for your execution; dedicated to illuminating and integrating the concepts of the Law of Attraction into your work, to achieve your dreams and make tangible your career desires!

Introductory Sessions for Young Leaders

3 months, 6 bi-weekly 1 hour sessions that are ideal for women who aspire to move into leadership roles who have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of professional experience.

Introductory Sessions for Mid-Career Leaders

3 months, 6 bi-weekly 1 hour sessions that are ideal for women who are mid-to-senior level managers and directors, regardless of whether they have a formal team to lead.

Career Branding Story

1.5 hour session interview to gather information and insights to build and write your career branding story or bio, resulting in 500 words or less that can be used for your LinkedIn summary, about me when interviewing, website copy, book jacket cover, etc.

SEO Resume

1.5 hour session interview to gather information and insights to build and write your fully search engine optimized 1 to 2 page resume.

Insight tools, including psychometric assessments that are a best fit for your needs may be selected and administered to help with our work to overcome current challenges and work toward achieving your aspirations.

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A means of gaining access to or understanding something.


The central or innermost part of something.


An instrument that shows the direction of true north and all bearings from it.


Assured growth with patience, day by day.


Recognition and rewards for notable achievements.